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Do Men Love through their stomach?



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It is confirmed: recent studies proved it! The male and female brains are differently wired and work by different mechanisms and frequencies.

Basically, the male brain is an inherited set of instincts of the ideal hunter. Since today’s world does not require much hunting for survival, the male brain has to work off other frequencies and develop other instincts, which aren’t inborn.

Unlike women, men do not have a direct link between the center of emotions and speech. This explains why it is so difficult for men to express their feelings verbally. Therefore, most men have other strengths such as: spatial thinking, a strong sense of orientation, increased abstract thinking, just to name but a few.

Lasagna has a great impact on the male brain. This Italian delicacy provokes the neurons, which in turn causes men to become the most sensitive people in the world. How can food have such a great impact on the brain, that make men work on frequencies unfamiliar to his normal functioning?  The question is not so much scientific as psychological, reports Hellofood.

Hellofood conducted a survey among their female customers, with an incredible outcome. The collected data revealed that ordered food from the favorite restaurant, causes in 21% of men a change in behavior. 21 men out of 100 feel more pleased if their wives would set up delivered meal rather than a home-cooked meal. The reason for this is simple. The male brain feels “spoiled” by their gentle spouses. Therefore, their reaction is the desire to return the favor to their wives.

62% of men are seduced by the so-called “aphrodisiacs”. These type of men believe that food should not be just nutrition, but stimulate and provoke. The ladies claim that after serving such delicacies, an extreme change in behavior and attitudes of their partners was noticeable. Which is caused by an increase of libido in their brains which increases the desire for intimacy.

Unfortunately, the remaining 17% don’t show a drastic change in behavior. The magic of sensuality takes only a few minutes and lasts until the food on the plate is gone.

After evaluating the study it is legit to say that food stimulates processes in the male brain suchnas wire the center of emotions, the heart of the speech and actions of the strong half of humanity.

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