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DJ Bush Baby tribute to Gabriel K music 



DJ Bush baby took to twitter and gave a tribute to Gabriel K music. Quite a history! Below are excerpts from @djbushbaby

“We groomed our vocals and became an Acappella group to reckon with in Kampala – Gabriel K sounded like Dru Hill’s Sisqo, becoming the lead singer, I was mainly a writer and Walter was a producer.
Studio sessions were hard to book,afford back then,thanks to Afrigo Band’s Moses Matovu, he often let us use free studio session at his Kibuli based studio whenever Palu Kafeero & Fred Ssebatta were not recording.

We continued observing & listening to black American R&b Bands for more inspiration and girl groups like SWV.

We were also church boys,hence influences like TAKE 6, Boyz2Men & producers like Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
Almost 20 years later we all took different paths in life, I became an entertainer,Walter is still in ministry,and @kakurugabriel is a marketer/creative.
Days ago @kakurugabriel shocked me with a flash containing his new music.He became successful, and is now BORED in my view having achieved it all, he also developed health complications that required he takes a break from his business.
He is back to his 1st love, MUSIC! And I am so happy for him. One thing caught my attention though, his content distribution method.The flash comes customized.
Years have gone by and the industry has drastically changed,so he/we cant kick that A Cappella stuff we still cherish to date.
He has morphed into today’s sound and is trying to find a niche for himself. I like the fact that he’s collaborating with young writers.
Don’t take my word for it,check out his body of work at gkmusic.com. It’s awesome stuff,partly digital,& partly organic. It’s grown man stuff!
Thank you for sharing this gift with the world. You sound great you like it and have mastered it. Invest in great visuals, you are already a great marketer, you are a strategist, invest in your craft.
Have the right team around you from legal, PR, promotion, A&R,stylists,publicists, distribution, industry key influencers, street teams,fixers,art directors, creatives, logistics,security,engineers, digital, writers, technicians,a studio,and beware of industry vultures!#GKMUSICTRIBUTE”

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