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Did Vinka steal the Malaika song?



BigEyeUg Team

There have been accusations for the longest time that Vinka stole the Malaika song.

Speaking about the issue recently, the Swangz Avenue singer vehemently denied stealing the song or copying it but also left room for doubt.

According to Vinka, she received a call that the song had been copied from Leone Island’s Lovence by Yese Oman Rafiki who sold it to Swangz Ave.

Vinka said; ‘I listened to the other song after I received a call about copying the song but when I listened to the song, it wasn’t really the same song.’

She added; ‘You know usually when we do a song, we release the beat, lyrics and all the content so maybe he jumped on my song before it got out there so there is nothing I could do about it.’

Vinka concluded by saying that as for chips na Ketchup, it’s only the codes that could be similar but nothing else is similar.

We will keep you posted.

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