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Diana Nabatanzi and Uncle Mo star in new drama series



Dianna Nabattanzi and Uncle Mo

By Our Reporter

When the Junior Drama Club (JDC) TV series starts, Diana Nabatanzi (Linda) is having a heated argument with her husband, Uncle Mo (playing as Gerald).

Just in front of their two children, Diana and Uncle Mo strip themselves bear.

Diana expresses discontent with Mo’s relationship with his ex with whom he has a son. Diana demands that Mo stops meeting or talking to his baby mama in her absentia, a suggestion that seems to rattle Mo.

Their two kids can’t take it, and while mother and father argue, they sneak out of the car. Diana blames hubby for the unfortunate occurrence, before stepping out to look for the children. Their relationship seems to be headed for a knock.

JDC is set in a school. Parents are cast taking their children to school and a lot of drama unfolds on the way to school, in the compound, and corridors.

Some parents can’t tolerate each other. One is riled by a colleague (Malaika Nyanzi) wearing a mini-skirt which, according to the dismayed parent (Natasha Sinayobwe) is inappropriate. The two parents face off in the school head’s office. It’s pure drama!

At the boarding section checkpoint, a pupil (Ezekiel) is found with a wet boxer, which the custodian raises up, as if to embarrass the young man. Clearly, Ezekiel lacks good upbringing. Later, we however come to realize he has a great heart as he cares for other disadvantaged children.

JDC is jam packed with a star cast playing various roles. It’s humorous and educative at the same time. The first episode leaves you yearning to see what will happen next. It’s foreplay at best.

We can’t wait for the coming episodes. JDC premiered on YouTube few weeks back.

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