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Diamond Housemates Share Their Incredible Survival Stories



Diamond housemates' survival stories. Photo:BBA

Diamond housemates’ survival stories. Photo:BBA

Behind all the hair, make-up, pecs and egos lie the true spirit of survivors. This afternoon, the Diamond Housemates shared touching stories of struggle, pain and dreams deferred.

Maria – “My determination helped me survive an attempted rape. I don’t know where I got the strength to fight back but I did”.

Melvin – “I was called by a stranger who was standing in front of my parent’s gate in the middle of the night when I was a kid. I fell into a trance and started following this person. Luckily, a little girl from the neighborhood saw me walking around aimlessly and told my parents. I was eventually found walking in no man’s land”.

Cleo – “I’m a hustler and try to survive by any means necessary. Every day, you bury your dreams and rebirth them. I have survived through grace, prayer, positivity and love, which keeps me strong. I’m the ultimate survivor”.

Nando – “I’ve survived a lot of things. I was young and I was going through a lot of stuff so I started doing drugs about a year ago. I landed up in hospital after taking lots of pills. That experience helped me to love and accept myself and helped me focus”.

Beverly – “Before my Big Brother Africa audition, I was involved in a car accident. I was on my way to a show and wasn’t dressed properly. My mom had told me not to go but I didn’t listen to her. Thank God I’m alive”.

Hakeem – As young as I am, I was the man of the House at some point in my life. I had no job and had to take care of my family during tough economic times. I couldn’t go to college and didn’t sleep at home most nights, but I survived”.

Bimp – “I come from a good family. I lost everything because I left home. That was one of the most difficult moments. Nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep but I made it. I’m here. I’m alive”.

Annabel – “I’ll never forget this. It’s so sensitive. My dad died and I was really close to him. My life crumbled. I was depressed and I lost weight. I used alcohol to mask the pain. I had to lift myself up and eventually did thanks to my family and friends”.

Dillish – I survived a House fire. I lived with my granddad and my twin brothers. One day my grandfather switched the stove on to warm his food. He fell asleep and the pot overheated. I was sleeping and one of the twins slapped me awake and told me something was burning. My brother saved my family. I owe him my life”.

Selly did not share a survival story and instead got a bit of advice from Big Brother regarding her relationship with Nando. “Give him space, don’t chase after him and watch him slowly open up to you”, Big Brother said.

Source: BigBrotherAfrica.com

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