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Destiny Africa drops ‘THE BLESSING’ music video



By Reporter


Chart-topper? Surely, this one is!

There are many songs and music videos you come across which leave you wondering what exactly they are about, but ‘The Blessing Acapella Cover’ by Destiny Africa pulls you into itself, and you can’t help but imagine a chart-topper before you right there!

The video opens with an African sunset scene over a beautiful green field in upcountry Africa. The voices of nature come through in a crackly yet calming way. Then what strikes next is the warm and bright colours illuminating from very likable faces that could be your son, daughter, sister, or brother. It leads you directly to captivating voices. The vocals comprise of children and young adults singing a blessing from the book of Numbers chapter 6 verses 24 to 26. The Blessing song and video brought together by not only Destiny Africa choir members but also a section of talented adults who surely give it a deserving touch of vocals.

Destiny Africa is the children and youth choir from Kampala Children’s Centre. They sing modern worship, contemporary feel-good factor music coupled with the acapella genre. They travel the world spreading joy through music and have previously sung for world leaders such as, the Queen of England, members of The Royal family, all current east African community presidents, and two British prime ministers in addition to many in the US, Belgium and Germany.

Their dedicated music Director, Herbert Mashami says; “It is a privilege to work with a group of children and young adults whose main focus is to bring society to a deeper relationship with God.”

Kampala Children’s Centre was founded by Bishop Arnold Muwonge, a disruptive, transformative, progressive and entrepreneurial Christian leader. Bishop Arnold Muwonge founded Destiny Hill, locally known as Ku Destiny. Destiny Hill is situated in the Wakiso town council and comprises Destiny Bridge Academy, a first-class kindergarten and primary school, Stride Academy High School, Kampala Children’s Centre and the STEM Centre for Excellence and Innovation.

Speaking to Bishop Arnold Muwonge, he reiterates, “Destiny Africa are not just your ordinary singers, they sing with a purpose and a cause, through our music we intend to glorify God, advocate for social justice along with excellency in everything we do. We believe that God has called us to excellency and it shines through our work and service to Him and humanity.

Before we started, the choir became convinced that God spoke to them through our performing arts many will find healing, so, music to us is a ministry and we do this in reverence to our King, Jesus Christ.

Watch video here

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