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Desire Luzinda Thumped For Rubbing Her Kitone On Another Woman’s Hubby.



Desire Luzinda and Tanzanian businessman Pemba

Desire Luzinda and Jack Pemba

Bootylicious singer Desire Luzinda¬†was left scampering for safety when one woman only identified as Jack Pemba’s wife found the two infragmento delicto in a very compromising position.

It was reported that when she travelled for a social gathering, city money bag Jack Pemba sought the company of Desire Luzinda who obliged to give him some quality time. On returning home, to her shock and horror, Desire Luzinda, of all people was the unexpected visitor.

However, Jack Pemba cooled down the flaring temper as Desire picked up her belongings and left.

Jack Pemba is well known for his lavish spending on women and the finer things of life.

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