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Desire Luzinda in Court.



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desire luzinda

Desire Luzinda is dragging Juma Seiko to court according to reports. She has been in the news for two weeks following claims by Seiko who is Gen Salim’s aide that her 10 year old daughter is also his.

Hello Uganda newspaper has in the past few weeks been reporting about Seiko’s steamy sex encounters with the ‘Fitting’ singer. He claims that he bedded her several times and the young girl is definitely his.

Desire has considered taking the matter to court should Seiko continue spreading the false rumours. “He is affecting my daughter psychologically,” she told a local paper. She believes that he is an attention seeker and that she will not give him the pleasure of exchanging words with him publicly following the media reports.

Desire has already contacted her lawyers who have served Seiko with intention to sue notices should he insist on spreading false rumours. Sources have it that the actual father of Luzinda’s 10 year old daughter is a man called John.

We will keep you posted.

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