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Here Comes Uganda’s First Horror Movie, “Bunjako!”



Bunjako - Horror MovieIn a relatively virgin yet challenging industry, local movie makers are daring to dream big. Do you love the kind of suspense filled movies that traps you to the edge of the seat as your heart races with unpredictable series of events?

Well, one Kizito Samuel Saviour dared to dream and challenge his skills. Here comes “Bunjako” a horror movie. Its story-line is really not unique but it will be interesting how the execution is pulled off.

Like most horror movies, Bunjako narrates a story of university students stranded in a haunted forest. Then the race for life begins…

Plot outline:

“BUNJAKO” follows a story of University students with differences in life that plan to go for a camp fire trip together with their lecturer, on their way to the camp fire they come across a thick forest which they have to go through to make it to their destination, their travel vehicle breaks down and they decide to make it through on foot not knowing that they are moving through a haunted forest with a killing evil spirit and human-like carnivores who¬†feed on animal and human flesh.

They have just one night to move through the forest, one of them gets possessed with the evil spirit which makes her turn into its killing machine that kills both the students and the carnivores, confusion runs through the two groups, the carnivores think the students are killing them and at the same time the students think the carnivores are killing them, either party has to either keep away or attack the other for revenge, the battle continues…

Sounds familiar. Doesn’t it? Perhaps a Bad Black love song may be the soundtrack. Just kidding…

Watch the trailer below.

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