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Comedian to release lecture titled “Stand Up comedy in hospital”



Prince Emmah

By Ian Nkera ford

For the past few years, the Uganda standup comedy industry has lacked the bite and creativity that it originated with. A series of comedians have sprung up to add to a growing legion of uncreative comedians that repeat jokes, many of which are vulgar, adding salt to injury of an ailing industry of comedy that started off brightly drawing the crowds and making advertisers drool over themselves in attempt to support.

And as expected, one person who has seen the industry operate in free fall and has been very concerned is none other than comedian Prince Ehmah. The comedian says that he has kept his ear to the ground and has finally adhered to fan’s calls of a revival. Like a teacher he is, he has done research on the mishaps biting the industry and decided to name the paper, “Stand Up Comedy Is In Hospital”. The research will have observations and recommendations for the comedy industry.

The lecture will come in form of an article addressing the issues that have spearheaded the comedy industry’s downfall. We expect a comical perspective from Prince Ehmah and he says it will be out in a few weeks time.


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