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Coca Cola Rated Next star Daniel Kawesa teams up with Singer Essie for “Dance With Valentino” soundtrack 



By Our Reporter

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As Dance With Valentino reality show premieres this month, prepare to get blown away by the epic storytelling done through dance on the show. But first, you’re going to get addicted to the show’s theme song which dropped on Wednesday.

The producers of Dance with Valentino tapped the enchanting vocals of two stunning singers; Ariho Esther aka Essie and Daniel Kawesa for the song which was produced and mastered by Big Nash.

Ariho Esther Yvonne aka Essie

Who is Ariho Esther?

Ariho Esther Yvonne aka Essie is a 27-year-old Ugandan singer who is strongly passionate about music in its truest and rawest form and is currently pursuing a diploma at Africa Institute of music. I started singing as soon as I could talk but my experience of live performance with bands started in 2013. I have in my many years of performing with different bands worked with artistes like Myko Ouma, Lillian Mbabazi, Ykee Benda and Fik Fameika. I am currently part of a band called A Ka Dope.

Describe your experience working on this project

Working on the DWV sound track was such an amazing experience. The energy that was flowing in the studio was awe-inspiring. So many creative minds and I was honoured to be singing with a massively talented singer, Daniel Kawesa and to have a legendary producer Big Nash guide us through the session. I loved the fact that Valentino and the composer of the song were around and easily communicated what their idea of the song was without stopping Daniel and I from adding our identities as musicians to it.

Daniel Kawesa

Who is Daniel Kawesa?

Daniel is a recording artist, who is so passionate about music. Away from music, he is a chef. I started singing in 1998 – 2012 between church and school, but professionally I started in 2013 after winning Coca Cola Rated Next, a talent search.

Describe your experience working on this project

It was an exciting opportunity especially knowing that behind the art there are so many powerful stories. I was privileged to work with very talented people in the industry and building our local content. I pray this show helps us appreciate our Ugandaness.

Dance With Valentino is a new reality dance TV show set to be hosted by renowned Latin and ballroom dancer Valentino Richard Kabenge.

Listen to the soundtrack below.

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