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Club AMNESIA closes today in final party



For the last eight years, club Amnesia has been open 5 days a week, offering a fresh experience to Kampala’s partiers with a fresh & different theme every night & more. However, this Thursday 1st August 2019 the club have its last night to have one last drink. With effect from Friday 2nd August 2019, Club Amnesia will be no more! On behalf of the Board of Directors, here is a statement from the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Club Amnesia, Dr. Innocent Nahabwe:

“Those who have read my book know my view about business. Business is just business. We should, as business owners, know the trends our industry is taking and if possible anticipate the direction our consumer habits are taking.

 We have realised that in the nightclub business, everyone is drinking from near their homes – mostly in open spaces. Closed bars are phasing out. We have therefore, taken the step to close Club Amnesia with effect from Friday 2nd August 2019 with the party on Thursday 1st August 2019 being our last.

 We are grateful to you our customers, for keeping us in business for the last eight years. Ever since we opened, the number of similar businesses that have opened and closed are uncountable; but we have thanks to you remained open because of your support. We thank you!

 We have hosted some of the craziest parties this town has seen. We hosted all the top artistes and those starting out. We have birthed many careers and given a platform to so many.

 We have hosted many Kasikis, sending hundreds of you to your marriage. Some of you have found love here while others have lost love in the same place.  So many memories. We must celebrate all that tonight.

We are also thankful to our landlord, Mr. Rajiv Ruparelia and his dad Sudhir Ruparelia who have been good hosts. I hope we have been good tenants. We will remain at the building as a restaurant that serves the true Uganda dish- Katogo 24/7.

 We thank our suppliers, lawyers, auditors, bankers and the beverage companies that have been very supportive over the years. We couldn’t have made it this far without you.

 We thank our dedicated staff. Your energy and passion is what made us go this far. Thank you. To my partners Bobby and Pius, thanks for sticking with me through all this madness.

 Tonight – we shall have one last drink at Club Amnesia. So, ladies and gentlemen, in the spirit of having a great time, please come through tonight and we drink to the memories.

 Where do we go from here? Well, we will communicate our next move soon. But once again, thanks a lot for the support to Club Amnesia; it has been proof that you had a great evening the night before!”

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