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Circumcision Exposed: Human Foreskin Is Used To Make High End Cosmetics And Lipstick!



By Moses Abeka and online sources.

Did you know about the brisk cosmetic industry investing in human foreskin to make those products that make one so smashing? Have you heard of ”penis inspired” products like wrinkle cream, lip gloss that are all over the market?

”Yuck!” That was my reaction when the information dropped at my desk and on digging deeper, I soon discovered that in the business of vanity almost anything goes! Cow placenta is used to make anti-aging cream, fish scale for lip gloss and human foreskin in face cream! Dont jump out of your skins yet, let’s get into the real issue.

Foreskin, more accurately, fibroblasts, cells from the foreskin are cultivated to make high end skin products. The cells can be turned into an array of skin products such as anti-wrinkle cream, anti-aging cream, lip stick, and lip gloss, all popular on the a market today.

A single foreskin, according to online sources can generate cells worth $100,000! An infant’s foreskin is preferred because it produces more cells, has better vitality and thus better end products (read lip stick).

According to an American Doctor, foreskin was chosen because it is always thrown after surgery despite its unique property.

These products are no secret! World renowned stars like Oprah Winfrey―has advertised and endorsed them on her show causing public uproar at the beginning of this year.

Hospitals have been providing foreskin to bio research, pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic companies since the 1980’s. However, the number of men getting circumcised has dropped by more than 50% in developed countries while the global demand for these skin products has immensely grown almost beyond satisfaction.

Profiteering off the ”genital mutilation” of infant boys could be the motivation behind the male circumcision drive in the names of HIV /AIDS prevention since there are conflicting reports of its efficiency to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. WHO places its efficiency at 50%. However, the figures keep changing on medical websites. A Rwandan website opted for a range of 45-65%. This calls for worry.

Who is behind all this hype having in mind that cosmetic industry is a multibillion dollar business!?

How Circumcision Is Sold, The Marketing Strategy:
Do you want to clean yourself? Well, just join the queue, get the operation done, go home with a blood soaked diaper round your penis and after 2 weeks, you won’t worry about cleaning yourself again! LOL!

Here is the science. Circumcision exposes the soft glans, the head of the penis, the most sensitive part of a man to harsh conditions, thus makes it less sensitive. Naturally, the circumcised man will have to take longer to ejaculate due to reduced sensitivity and with a condom on, you must thrust harder to cum. That’s why the women love it!

Male circumcision is NOT a substitute to any other proven method of preventing AIDS, SO WHY THE FUSS?
While female genitals are protected by law, a boy’s foreskin is being used to make lip gloss and lip stick. SMILE!

Will you kiss again?
Will you ask for that foreskin?
Why are babies circumcised? Do they have sex?

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