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Charles Lambert announces plans to build Africa’s Air Taxi



By ReporterThe Chairman of Black Wall Street has announced his vision of making Africa’s Air Taxi through building an airline that leads to 600 new airports.

It will be called BWS Express with the tagline; Move For The Money. This will include flights from jurisdiction to jurisdiction connecting 600 of them.

In a statement, Mr. Charles Lambert announced the airports will be built around M7 Agriculture Bank, the economic center of each jurisdiction.

He further announced that he was working with Solomon of the BWS Community to begin flights from Lagos to Kampala using this brand name before introducing the airplanes and routes.

We also intend to have an airport at the BWS Community that connects to Atlanta GA (African American Mecca in the US) direct flights,” Charles Lambert said.

Who is Charles Lambert?

Charles N Lambert is a king ordained by God to restore Africa’s glory.

Born 5th October 1973 to parents from a place known as Ovim, he attended primary at Constitution Crescent Primary School Aba, West Africa scoring one of the highest in the country in the prime federal government college exams which then led him to complete secondary school at Federal Government College Okigwe West Africa. He then studied Marketing at Enugu State University, Enugu West Africa before enrolling for double Masters degrees in International Management and Business Administration at Regents University London UK.

Lambert’s professional career was spent in corporate consulting with over eight years experience in the US where he earned the nickname African Oracle.

Charles N Lambert moved into uncharted territory to create the first ever Private Sector driven International Development organization called the Trinity Platform comprising of the new Black Wall Street, Redirect Mall and Development Channels.

King Lambert is the author of Africa’s Rebirth, the author and creator of Compassionate Capitalism, the author of African Literatures When the Samba Broke and Wait Until Dawn. The author of the one page bible poem called The Man who Divided Time. He is also the author of one thousand philosophical quotes, the creator of Economic Circle Social Media. The leader of Africa’s first Economic war for Economic Independence and the primary advocate for the physical establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Charles N Lambert is happily married to Caroline Lambert and is father to 8 biological children.

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