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Chameleone speaks out on why Uganda’s music industry is growing at a slower rate



Uganda’s music doctor, José Chameleone has shared his thoughts on why the music industry is yet to be as big or bigger than that of Nigeria and other African countries that are soaring when it comes to music.

During his appearance on ‘NBS Uncut show’, hosted by Zahara Toto, the “Mateeka” hit maker noted that most Ugandan artists do not want their fellow artists to do well and always make it seem like it’s a competition of sorts ,instead of working together and supporting each other.

He goes ahead to say that some people criticized him for working with Khalifa Aganaga on a collabo, since they didn’t view him as Chameleone’s peer, which he disagreed with saying the only way the music industry in Uganda can grow faster is if all artists helped each other do better.

Chameleone also threw subtle jabs at Bebe Cool saying ,last year ,he made a list of his favorite artists ,excluding a big number of others, making it seem like they were in a competition and the rest had done nothing, making him fit the description of ‘those” artists he had talked about .

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