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Celebrity Top 5: Nince Henry takes five.



By BigEyeUg Team

Nince Henry in a quick interview.

1. What is the best song that you have ever done and why do you think it’s the best?

The best song I’ve done is called Nabulo by Iryn Namubiru. I read Gilbert Bukenya book called “through intricate corridors to power”, and it a very touching story.

2. Who do you consider to be the queen of music in Uganda and why?

  Iryn Namubiru is the queen of music in Uganda.

Nince Henry

3. Music and Fashion, how do you balance the two?

Music and fashion go hand in hand. A star ought to be fashionable.

4. Can you live without social media and what role has it played in your career?

Social media is a new kind of rail on which public life moves this generation. So unless you don’t care about public life you can’t do without social media.

5. What keeps you going even when things are not rosy?

Faith, love and hope.

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