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Celebrities should use their gifts for good – Fr Kateregga of Rubaga Cathedral



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By Our Reporter

Ugandan celebrities have been warned and by a man of God.

According to Father Deo Kiibi Kateregga who was the priest at Singer Mowzey Radio’s funeral service at Rubaga Cathedral, celebrities especially musicians have been given gifts by God, but they need to use them for good and not bad.

The priest who had mourners in giggles the whole time he was preaching, hinted on several issues but most important of them was that celebrities are not using their talents for good or for God.

The man of God used the service to win hearts as he told celebrities about life as it should be.

‘Remember your talent is God given don’t treat it as yours. When God gives you a gift, it is a quality gift, the way you handle that gift is your gift back to God. What songs are you singing, are they building the nation? Use your talent to serve humanity not to annoy God. Get some guides to look after your needs and talent. Get talent managers to manage your talent professionally. Stop using money aimlessly. If you can’t use your money well, bring it to the church. If you get a problem tomorrow like Radio did, where will you get money from? Life is not certain, just be on alert,” he said.

“Life is important, handle it well. You need to take good care of your finances because today you may have money but tomorrow you will not have it. Celebrities just waste money and drink everything they get. They spend money on women. Why are you like this? You don’t go to church you don’t go to mosques what do you do with your time? You take expensive alcohol but you are poor. There is time for you to change and use your gifts for good. When God is first in your life, you will never be last. God is the only one who can help all of us. Turn to him and use your gifts well. I am a priest in the church and those who are angry with me, please forgive me but the truth has to be said,” Fr Kateregga added.

Radio’s body was taken to Kololo Independence grounds for public viewing. He will be laid to rest at his family home in Kagga village along Entebbe road on Saturday 3rd. Mowzey Radio died on February 1st 2018 following a bar brawl in Entebbe at a place called De Bar.

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