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Celebrities that guys wouldn’t want to introduce to their mothers



Ian Ford Nkera

Guys will reach that stage in life when they want to settle down and start a family with a lady they deem fit to handle the pressures that come with family, a lady with good values and background  and basically ladies they love dearly and are special to them.

Ofcourse these ladies will have to go through the ultimate test and that test is to meet the guy’s mother. So, today we see which female celebrities you would dare not introduce to your mother or else….


Hahaha, the likes of Backsama, Sizzaman and Gravity Omutujju saw something we didn’t. A tale of unknown fathers to her kids, shortlived multiple relationships and her craving for controversy summarise the life of the TV host. She is definitely someone you shouldn’t introduce to your mother.

Bad Black

With expertise on the streets as a professional hooker and cases of fraud courting her, she is the ultimate bad girl and isn’t the kind to start a family and bear children. Her toyboy Maysean should be on the look out. She doesn’t do long-term.

Sheeba Karungi

A traditional muganda woman would never come to terms with her skimpy dressing and her controversial life. Her liaisons with many tycoons wouldn’t give her potential husband the comfort he needs. This one shouldn’t come near your mother or else a few electrical appliances could fly around in protest.

Zari Hussein

This one is married to controversy and doesn’t seem like the type to stick it out till the end. She will probably take a hike when the cheques stop coming in and take refuge into the hands of a struggling basketballer. A family with this one is suicide so you wouldn’t dare let this one beyond the balcony of your mother.

Leila Kayondo

Now this one isn’t for the long haul. Her diva status can’t give her the comfort of changing diapers. I mean she doesn’t seem the type who would like to damage her manicured nails. You either have a Hummer or something close so this one hmm wouldn’t go shopping with her mother in law.

So guys you might know others but these are most definitely the ones that should be brought close to your mother or hell could break loose.

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