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Catherine Kusasira, Iryn Namubiru scared of Lyto Boss fans.



Catherine Kusasira, Lyto Boss and Iryn Namubiru

Catherine Kusasira, Lyto Boss and Iryn Namubiru

By BigEyeUg

A group of rowdy youths calling themselves the Team Lyto boss gang have instilled fear in the hearts of musicians Catherine Kusasira and Iryn Namubiru to the extent of scaring them from attending court proceedings.

According to our sources, trouble started when the two female singers allegedly connived with fusion records to defraud songwriter and singer Lyto boss. When the singer was arrested instead of the two, his gang of rowdy youths went to court to make sure that he got bail.

One of the Team Lyto boss members.

One of the Team Lyto boss members.

While at court, Iryn and Catherine showed up. They were scared off by the gang before running away and driving off from court. Prioir to this, we are told that the Team lyto boss gang had given Iryn a few hours to have him released or have her sex videos released to the public. We don’t know if she influenced his release in fear of what team Lyto boss would do to her.

Lyto boss was later granted bail of 500,000shs.

Lyto Boss was arrested over allegatons that he connived with Kusasira to defraud Fusion band of 1 million shillings off the song Anjagala. Apparently, he wrote the song and gave it to Kusasira to sell it for him. Kusasira then sold it to Iryn and not long after, it was on air making rounds before Lyto boss got any payment.

Lyto boss asked her to pull it down a request she turned down. He then released a similar version of the song to out compete hers. When Catherine was put in jail, she said that she had paid Lyto boss, trouble ensued.

Their case will continue late this month.

We will keep you posted.

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