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Cake Album Uganda wins Britam Bake Off Challenge



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Uganda Airlines celebrate their 1st anniversary

By Our Reporter

Uganda Airlines celebrated their 1st anniversary recently. However, the anniversary celebration was overshadowed by harsh criticism online over the unflattering cake presented during the occasion. The cake had been presented by Britam Uganda, the insurance provider for the airlines.

Lucky for Britam Uganda, they got a second chance to make a positive impression. Because they did not get it right the first time, they now decided to send out a distress call to bakers across the country to help design the new cake that would be presented to Uganda Airlines.

The “Bake Off Challenge” attracted a warm reception, with over 100 bakers taking part. Cake Album Uganda, a local confectionary shop located in Ntinda, Kampala, emerged winners.

Cake Album Uganda presented their cake design during an event held at Uganda Airlines offices in Entebbe on Friday. The cake design was this time also received with praise online.

Maurine Namijja, the CEO Cake Album Uganda revealed the cake was designed to represent Uganda Airlines taking to the skies.

“We brainstormed different ideas, but decided to go with the idea of a plane taking off,” she explained their cake design. “We wanted to simulate the scene of a Uganda Airlines plane leaving the airport. I am happy we managed to pull it off.”

Cake Album Uganda win Britam Bake Off challenge

Speaking during the ceremony, Allan Mafabi, the CEO Britam Uganda noted that “Ugandans said that Uganda Airlines deserves better and we took that on positively.”

“Secondly we would not being doing justice to the bakers of this country if did not accept that we did a mistake. Thus we gave them chance to show us how we can do better. This marked the birth of the Britam Bake Off Challenge.” Mafabi added.

“Everyone deserves a second chance in life. Thank you to Uganda Airlines for accepting us to come here again, and giving us a second opportunity.” He concluded.

Cornwell Muleya, the CEO Uganda Airlines expressed excitement for the baking challenge, noting that it has presented them with an opportunity to celebrate the airlines’ milestones with the entire country.

“You have given us a second chance to celebrate properly with the entire nation. So, we have decided to make this an annual event and you will celebrate with us every year through the bakers challenge so that at this time we can look back at the year past and also share with you our plans going ahead.” Cornwell Muleya said.

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