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Busy Signal Owns The Stage, Live Music Reigns And Chameleone Escapes



Busy signal

Busy signal on stage

By Moses Abeka

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I arrived at the venue with high expectations that this concert would the biggest highlight of the year! Not even sparse crowd or nearly empty VIP seats, an eye sore ruined my mood. It was about 8 pm.There was every reason to believe!

The stage was gigantic and lights amazing! The mood was building up as people kept coming in and by 10 pm, the general attendance was significant and buoyant especially the ”general happiness” area which was overflowing.

Busy Signal was spotted ”testing” the drums on the stage, killing surprise value. Babes outnumbered the boys for obvious reasons; perhaps they hoped to go back with a few ”bed room bullying” skills.

“The #SamsungTwitterParty is back! Get ready to party the night away come 19th December at Zone 7 with fellow tweeps. Entrance is 15,000shs. Call 0775439894 for details. Great music and drinks.”

Sooner the night kicked off with a number of upcoming artistes, some unknown. Curtain raiser performance by one unknown upcoming artiste called Skeleton, allegedly a member of Chameleone’s Leone Island was not a welcome move! How the hell did he get on the list of performers, let alone share a stage with Busy? Then came Red Banton! (This is not to undermine but at a concert of this magnitude?) Conspiracy tales have it that he represented Chameleone who according to reports was at the rival show a few meters away.

Our very own Salvado,Young Mulo, Exodus lifted the spirits and Peter Miles has never been seen happier in recent times. It was that moment we had waited for!

Clad in black jeans, black shirt and a complimenting white half coat, the vividly happy ”Bed room bully” stepped on stage attracting wild cheers before unleashing fine reggae anthems that kept the ladies screaming . The ”general happiness” area went out of control when the much awaited ”bed room bully” club banger was brought to life. They set loose the animal in them!

Displaying Fans .JPG

Excited fans screaming

The singer took off time to pay deserving tribute to the fallen hero and global icon Nelson Mandela and celebrity actor Paul Walker. But he did not only have kind words. He went ahead and criticized some promoters for using his name in the past and disappointed his fans, then he invited Suddiman on stage praising him for ”keeping it real”.

After the break he returned donning military-inspired jacket, and yes, it was reggae music again!

Busy was great with the boisterous band, a great live music performer with thoughtful lyrics which the fans struggled to appreciate! They had come to dance.. ”Watch out fi dis” sealed it. Some who expected more bedroom bullying than were soon leaving.

The show was well attended despite the nearly empty VIP seats and ”generous” dancing room in then general happiness area. Some “crossed the road”, others went home.

By 2 pm, Lugogo had left profound memories.


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