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Buganda bicycle racing competition launched



MTN Uganda, in partnership with BBS Terefayina, has launched a bicycle racing competition amongst the 18 counties (Masaza) of Buganda.

By Our Reporter

MTN Uganda, in partnership with BBS Terefayina, has launched a bicycle racing competition amongst the 18 counties (Masaza) of Buganda. The launch took place at the Buganda Kingdom administrative headquarters in Bulange Gardens, Mengo, Kampala on Thursday.

Dubbed “Kengere ya BBS ne MTN”, the challenge is expected to revive cycling as a competitive sport in the kingdom and return the consequent social benefits to the people in Buganda.

Bicycling commonly known as Obugaali is a social event that was enjoyed in Buganda for many years. In the past, the kingdom organized bicycle races across counties; and following a lull, a Buganda Cycling Committee was launched last November to revive the sport in Buganda.

Following the partnership, BBS Terefayina agreed terms with event organizers Kibo Media, to organize the maiden Obugaali bicycle challenge under the name “Kengere ya BBS ne MTN” scheduled to take place on the 19th and 20th June 2021 in Buddu, Masaka.

Representation from all the 18 counties of Buganda will be mobilized and transported to Buddu where the challenge will take place. Each county (Masaza) team will comprise of 4 men, 2 women, 1 mechanic and the team manager. These teams have been selected by the cycling committee in consultation with the respective county sports committees, from the various local competitions they organize.

While launching the bicycle challenge, the General Manager, Sales & Distribution, Mr. Joseph Bogera, MTN Uganda, said that MTN is proud to be part of the revival of this sport in Uganda.

“As MTN, we are strongly grounded in the belief that we are good together. We only succeed if the communities in which we operate succeed. Being a partner in development also means that we have a responsibility to support the social economic opportunities in our communities like this we’re partnering on with BBS Terefayina as they celebrate 5 years of existence,” said Mr. Bogera.

Besides being a socially entertaining sport, cycling confers unique health benefits like improved strength, balance, and coordination, making it a great sport.

The Chairman of the Board of BBS Terefayina, Omukungu Fabian Kasi thanked MTN for reviving this loved sport in the Kingdom and for recognizing the value BBS Terefayina brings to the socio-economic development of Buganda and Uganda in particular.

“Bicycle racing used to be a major feature on Buganda’s social calendar. It is a sport that united our people. We are happy that once again, we shall be able to bring together all the 18 counties of Buganda and revive a healthy experience in the kingdom,” said Omukungu Fabian Kasi.

The rules and regulations governing the Kengere ya BBS ne MTN bicycle challenge, will be released ahead of the event next month.

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