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Brown Sugar Fans want Sipapa arrested



BigEyeUg Team

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Musician Brown Sugar recently said that she had been beaten by her man Sipapa before he made off with her money.

The post reads; “I know you might not believe me but please abalimubuyiza muyambe. I know just because he is rich he might go free with it all I want is my money for the business he took I have a son to take care of bambi muyambe.’

The post sparked off many words from fans who called for Sipapa’s head as the music promoter went into hiding. When he spoke, he said that Brown Sugar is making all this up and wants to ruin his life. He called her ungrateful and expressed his utmost disappointment.

But Brown Sugar’s fans wont take any of this they have taken on Social Media calling on Police to have Sipapa arrested. Here are some of their comments.

Shamurah Uganda said; ‘If government does not take action on this so called Sipapa thing. I will know how weak it is. Because this is beyond 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 Brown Shugar never keep around with obsessed men they can even kill you instead of losing you. I have been through this two times and one of my knees was knocked by someone I shared everything with 😢 😢 my life was turned into a laughing subject because of a man I cancelled our wedding due to his cheating so with my best friend. Meanwhile Kampala Metropolitan Police mutayambe before we loose a life 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢.’

Matt posted; ‘Please Sipapa being rich doesn’t at any moment give you authority to humiliate and inflict pain upon others!!! Laba kyeyakoze mune Brown Shugar. This kind of violence should stop ASAP.
Men.. Men… Men… Please respect women!!! Uganda Police Force kindly help out this lady. Thank you.’

Mike said; ‘Mike Kayongo All u Want is the Money he took from your business? But there’s no Evidence On this 👆 but there’s Enough Evidence On bodily harm for the Law to take its Own Course As I have Seen in the Picture’s trending On Social Media. But all in all you Should Open a Case for theft Or Assault Or both. The ⚽ is in your Court. #Say No Violence Against Women and Children.’
We will keep you posted.


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