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Boda Boda operators launch campaign to encourage adherence to COVID-19 SOPs




By Our Reporter

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, key Players in the Boda Boda industry have come together to launch a joint campaign to encourage adherence to government SOPs within the Boda Boda community and the public at large.

This campaign, dubbed ‘Tugobe Corona’, is an effort to increase sensitization efforts, improve access to personal protective equipment including masks, sanitizers, soap and water at all boda stages, assistance in contact tracing, and increase compliance with road safety and health and safety recommendation as we learn to adapt and survive in these unprecedented times.

This campaign presents an unprecedented collaboration targeting over 200,000 Boda Boda riders providing an essential service to the community. It also presents a key opportunity to participate as positive change agents in the fight against COVID-19.

This partnership is solidified in a Memorandum of Understanding that is signed by over 20 Boda Boda interest companies and associations including SafeBoda, Smart Boda Boda SACCO, Tugende Limited and Zembo Motorcycle SML Limited among others.

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