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Bobi Wine’s wife, Barbie reveals the one thing that pisses her off most



Barbie KyagulanyiBobi Wine’s wife Barbie Kyagulanyi has revealed the one thing that pisses her off the most.

Barbie says she is irritated most by being addressed in a deprecating manner. She has now warned that whoever calls her names will receive a taste of her venomous tongue.

She shared her discomfort on social media, posting: “There’s things I’ve simply been ignoring for sometime now..things that hurt my feelings. They make my tiny eyes wider. When I hear someone say them to me in public while loudly back biting me, I feel like halting my steps, looking back at them and saying one of those nasty words I’ve kept in my dirty safe for a while. PLEASE, If you are one of the many people that call me KA BARBIE; watch out. I’m rehearsing a nasty response to you. Ah mbagambye bukyali.”

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