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Bobi Wine Red Cross Car Trouble Continues.



Bobi Wine’s Red Cross car saga has deepened.

The ‘Time Bomb’ singer is in trouble over a Toyota Tundra UAT 416K Red Cross car that he has been using which was given to him under unclear terms. Red Cross and the singer are now fighting over ownership.

Bobi Wine defied police when he went to CID headquarters and reclaimed the car that had been at the Kibuli police station. He did this without their permission. This prompted the Police boss to order Bobi to bring back the car or face criminal charges.

The Toyota car is part of 9 others imported by Red Cross that were given away under unclear circumstances to private individuals. Bobi Claims that he imported the car himself from Dubai in 2013 at shs75 million and paid shs58 million in taxes but has no papers to prove this. The car is registered under Red Cross Uganda according to URA.

URA unearthed a lot of illegal things that were taking place at Red Cross Uganda last year. The Police is now handling this matter.


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