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Bobi Wine explains why some artistes participated in Tubonga Nawe project.



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Bobi Wine

By Lee Osbourne

Musician Bobi Wine has attemptedĀ to explain why some artistes participated in Tubonga Nawe, a political themed song that praises President Museveni.

While speaking at an event commemorating World Press Freedom day, Bobi said that these artistes misrepresented their fans and instead chose to sing about themes that earn them money.

He however added that everybody should be given a right to express themselves whether they’re right or wrong and that it is wrong for public to boycott these artistes because of what they sang.

The self proclaimed Ghetto president further indicated that many musicians still lack alternatives that would sustain their income if they decided to take up the challenge.

The Kiggwa Leero singer also noted that at the time when he decided to become an activist, he first made sure he could sustain his career for more than fifteen years if things went wrong.

Bobi concluded saying that most of his colleagues mocked him for being stubborn but he had already made up his mind and that he cannot sing about something being white when it’s actually black.

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