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Bobi Wine does remix of Jennifer Song: ‘Tugambire Ku Jennifer Ayongeze Obukambwe’



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By Ian Ortega

It has often been said that in the Uganda political and entertainment sphere, there are no permanent enemies.

Inside sources have revealed to us, that Jennifer Musisi’s new good friend aka Bobi Wine has gone ahead to do a remix of his ‘Jennifer’ song.

Since he’s the face of the Kampala City Festival this year, Bobi Wine found it deserving to give the executive director a new version of the song in exchange for the millions he’s pocketed for this role.

Here is one of the lines in the remix: “Tugambire Ku Jennifer Ayongeze Obukambwe, Tugambire Ku Jennifer nti Ekibuga kyaffe.”

In the remix, Bobi Wine calls upon Jennifer Musisi to increase his efforts and take more disciplinary measures to bring sanity to the great city named after his son, Kampala.

According to sources, Bobi Wine will officially release the new version on the day of the festival and Musisi may actually be featured on the track.

Well, there we go. Guess we now know the real president of the city.

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