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Bobi Wine collects millions of cash to complete the late AK47’s house.[Photos]



By Isaac Mites 

After going through the same situation a few weeks back when he lost his dad, ghetto gladiator Bobi Wine knows how it exactly feels to lose a dear one. At the funeral service, ghetto president brought up a suggestion of raising some money to help in the completion of AK47’s house so that the widow can have somewhere to stay rent free.

The brilliant idea was gladly embraced as approximately Ugx 27million was collected to help complete the house and make it ready for occupancy.

Bobi Wine revealed that it was important to leave the widow with a home where she will raise her kids, as people made contributions to the cause.

Here are some photos of Bobi Wine collecting contributions:

AK47 1

ak47 2

ak47 3

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