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Black Wall street adds 2 celebrated personalities to Africa’s economic war



By Reporter

Charles N Lambert

As the African economic war intensifies, two celebrated Kenyan celebrities have joined in. Teacher Wanjiku, a comedian and Serah Ndanu, a media personality are now part of the black wall street.

Welcomed by the patron Charles N Lambert, he expressed gratitude and said “So much talk has been made about the need for Africa to unite. Unfortunately no one knows how to make this unity happen.

Common economic interest is a chord that binds stronger than nationality, tribe, religion, location, community and even family.

Africa’s first economic war, the platform for common economic interest for Africa is delighted to welcome two of the best of Kenya in grassroots communication.

These celebrities and social influencers diligently studied our recipe for Africa economic independence and decided to join the fight.

From Kenya we welcome..

Teacher Wanjiku….Queen of comedy and arguably the most popular Kenyan.

Serah Ndanu….Media personality, Award winning actress and one of the most influential people in Kenya.

We have come on this platform to bring to pass the dreams of our ancestors, to establish the fantasies of our slave brothers who cried through the likes of Bob Marley. We are here to fulfil history that one day, the last shall be the first.

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