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Black Americans come out about investing in African Cradle land



By Reporter

Last month, Isaac Kigozi, the Managing Director, East African Partners (EAP) a company that markets East Africa as an investment destination amplified the call to the Black Americans assuring them of any support that they would need to comfortably take up investment in the region. President Yoweri Museveni has on several occasions encouraged the Black Americans to consider returning to the African Continent and has put up a number of incentives that would attract them to settle in Uganda and well as setting up several investments.

The EAP boss who stayed in USA for more than 20 years said that he believes that it is time for African Americans to consider coming back home

Bambi Montgomery,the Perfumer and Hotel owner

Absolutely this is timely! With the current civil unrest in the US, this is certainly a timely call to action for African Americans to consider returning home. My personal response to this call is to welcome this invitation and to explore the opportunities being offered in Uganda.

What are your expectations in Africa?

I have great expectations. I expect to be welcomed home fully as an African, receiving all the benefits as the citizens in African receive. I expect the support of the government to make clear that I will be treated with love and respect, aligning with my efforts to build and settle in Africa. I expect to be educated on the land my ancestors were kidnapped from. I expect the support of the government and other business owners as I explore the business opportunities.

What are your fears in taking up such a decision?

As an African American, I feel robbed of my history, culture, language and religion and was taught by white people to fear Africans. African Americans believe that Africans hate African Americans and that we should not trust you. We must dispel this teaching as I have learned from the warm and love of my dear friend Issac and several other African friends that this is just not true. It is a divisive lie to further disconnect us to our home and people. With the lack of knowledge of our roots, we are witnessing and participating in the the largest movement in US history with Black Lives Matter. Our youth are so lost and disconnect. Slavery has indeed had a lasting effect on African Americans and this movement is our cry for change but change will only be seen by learning the full scope of our history and it starts with where we come from…the motherland of Africa.

Adrian Ross

Former Lineback Position player at Cincinnati Bengals club (a professional American Football franchise) current founder of Maddbacker Foundation. There is never been a better time than now! Now, because not only is there a need but there is a number willing able and looking to invest in tangible investments. There are a number of athletes and entertainers looking to invest outside the U.S particularly in Africa.

My expectations of Africa are now just like everywhere else in the world! Where as before the information we received about Africa and opportunities were false! Now, with technology we are able to research and see the true vast opportunities available. The opportunities of Africa will be beyond any thinkable expectations imaginable.

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