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Biga Yut outs new banger



Bt Reporter

Raised in Gaba, a Kampala Suburb next to Nyege Nyege’s studio, MC Biga Yut is a pivotal member of the Hakuna Kulala family.

The Ugandan artist graces the Nyege Nyege sub-label with a new project ‘Cash Boss’ built on surprising rhythms, adding a breath of fresh air in dancehall and electronic music.

After dropping his own debut EP “Walah” last year, he’s back with this fresh set of genre-fritzed sound system burners that frame his tongue-twisting rhymes against a backdrop of cyber funk club futurism.

“Cash Boss” is a collaboration with HHY & The Kampala Unit’s Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, who under his new DJ Lithium moniker kindles the embers of dancehall, reggaeton and UK funky and offers Yut an open-ended sonic universe to traverse.

The result is almost crossover pop from a parallel world, as Yut trades unexpected, infectious hooks and breathless bars over Saldanha’s electric neon club constrictions.

Anyone looking for future-facing dance music that’s got the textural intensity of industrial noise, the rhythmic pressure of glom and the earworm infectiousness of Atlanta trap, “Cash Boss” has you covered. Said the Singer when contacted to comment about his new banger.

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