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Bettina Praising inspiring youth through her LIMA project



By Stuart G-Khast

Radio presenter and self motivated farmer Bettina Tumuhaise commonly known as Bettina Praising has used her already well positioned status to inspire millions of other young people in the country. Having been on Radio and now also part of the Bryan White Foundation, Bettina has surely not learnt nothing.Bettina Praising who brags of achieving a fortune from her farming vice has started school for several other people who have found love for farming and would like to emulate her. She has put up demonstration farms where all interested persons visit and learn more about farming. “This is a way of motivating people to value land and farming more. People sell land to buy a motorcycle to do Boda Boda yet they could instead use the land, buy the same motorcycle without selling land” Bettina told the website.Her project LIMA was initiated by her production manager Ken Jemba who keeps giving us episodes of their works weekly. Here is their latest episode https://youtu.be/enAUlkiScJU

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