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Bebe Cool Takes Jibes At Chameleone



By Tuhairwe Joab

Unending beef of the two music giants is up again. Bebe exposes Chameleone’s dirty linen in the faces of his fans in Mbarara as Chameleone hits back at him.

One may wonder when the beef between Big size aka Bebe Cool and Doctor Chameleone will ever end as the latter is being constantly nailed in the fresh wounds before his fans.

It should be remembered that their beef started years back and slowed down when Bebe Cool was shot and hospitalized. Chameleone showed his level of maturity and professionalism when he paid a visit to Bebe Cool in the hospital and from there, the two did a remix of bogolaka―a hit of the time as a sign of togetherness. Things went sour again when Chameleone according to Bebe Cool boxed him out of the blue a few days before his launch and hence forth vowed never to dine with him again.

During his Kokodiosis tour to Mbarara, Bebe Cool on stage exposed Chameleone’s dirty linen before his fans when he read a paper that had been written about the music doctor’s abrupt shifting to his in-laws house in Mutungo hence fans bursting into laughters.

Jose got angry at the media that reported the above incident.

Big size also hit at Bukedde newspaper and Red pepper for allegedly becoming envious of his refusal to advertise with them for his kokodiosis show.

He said, Bukedde and Red Pepper ashamed Chameleone before his fans and now are finding a way of putting the blame on him. He added that despite this, his decision not advertise with them didn’t cost him anything because many people turned up for the show and the tour across Uganda and was a huge success.

“let me assure u that my kokodiosis launch and tour has been so successful without your input as bukedde TV or Pappers,” posted Bebe Coolon his Facebook timeline.

However, most people that attended the Kati Kati show revealed that Bebe’s show was almost a night mare to him as few people turned up compared to his previous shows and therefore one wonders if these words coming out of him are meant to console himself.

Chameleone also didn’t hesitate to hit back assuring him that in everyman’s life, there are challenges and therefore pities those rejoicing at his grief referring to Bebe Cool. “It’s quite a Pity to a comrade who up to now has failed to make a self analysis and discover that bad mouthing me doesn’t make him a wiser one except a fool. In everyone’s life lies challenges that we encounter to be better next day. That’s my way of understanding. That’s how the world revolves. Just a leaf of advice: I AM ME AND CAN NEVER BE YOU and versa, so put your energy is what is important to you and your family coz I got mine too.” wrote Chameleone.

We therefore would like to inform you that as Bigeye.ug, we are dedicated to unleash it all to you and we promise to keep you posted on all the developments concerning the above.

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