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Bebe Cool stings “loud minority” following AFRIMA award win



By Nila Faisal

Bebe Cool walked away with the Best Male East Africa award at the just concluded All Africa Music Awards 2018.
The Gagamel boss managed to beat other contenders like Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz who had been pitted against him to bring the award home.

Bebe Cool’s AFRIMA nomination has been nothing short of drama. A section of Ugandans have been rallying fans to instead vote for their “in-law” Diamond Platinumz instead of the Gagamel boss due to his political affiliation. Some like music promoter Suudiman even went as far as congratulating Diamond for winning the award before the actual awards ceremony, saying Bebe Cool was Hipipo awards material and not good enough for an AFRIMA award.
Now Bebe Cool has spoken up following his big win and thanked his group of supporters he dubbed the “silent-majority” for believing in him and casting their votes in his honor.

Silent but effective (the Silent Majority). There is a very thin line between hate and fear. Hate describes a feeling of intense dislike for something/someone AND fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by a threat of danger, pain or harm. The process of achieving success is usually understood only by the successful and is always misunderstood by the unsuccessful. Most people misinterpret this process as arrogance, disrespect and/or pride. This process is comprised of hard work, honesty, belief and loyalty, which virtues must be cherished by those who want success.

Tonight is exemporary but at the same time we should not forget that wherever there is good, bad also exists and wherever there is bad, good always prevails. I would like to thank all my fans in GAGAMEL phamily, Uganda, Africa and the whole world for loving and believing in Bebe Cool and for taking your time to vote for me. Special thanks to these GAGAMEL members Kabaka Izz, Twine Crescent, Umar Kigozi, Amos Kewell and all those that have had a direct hand in making this happen. I am humbled.

On a sad note, my heart and prayers are with the families of those who have lost their beloved ones in the unfortunate accident on L.Victoria. We are with you in pain and sorry. May their souls rest in erternal peace. I dedicate this award to the two sides bad and good, those who love me and those who hate me, the Silent Majority and the loud minority, the believers and non believers.

In GAGAMEL, failure is not an option. If you know you know- but then again, I AM BEBE COOL. 
#TONDEKA_EKIWATULE_MUTIMA_ZABU 26th December 2018.” Bebe Cool wrote.

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