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Bebe Cool Should Begin Thinking About Life After Music



By Staff Writer

Although Bebe Cool is a great musician, the fact is, he is now above 40 years old. The people he is singing for, 80% of those, he is old enough to father them. Time is surely not on his side. He has tried to reinvent himself, no one does it better than him in Uganda.

But it is clear, time won’t give him that chance for too long. Bebe Cool has tried to look for a hit as good as ‘Love You Everyday’ and the light looks dimmer everyday. He will continue to make good hits but he won’t ever get to ‘Love You Everyday.’ It is the song that almost made him an African hit in the likes of Diamond Platinumz.

Yet today, even the young Harmonize has a bigger African claim than Bebe Cool. It is clear, Bebe Cool’s best days are right behind him. At this point, he must have a discussion with himself and think; “what next after music?”

What next when he can’t perform any longer? What next when he can’t manage making hit songs? Perhaps Bebe Cool could venture back into making a professional record label and take a bet on young artistes. He could concentrate all his efforts on growing a serious label, perhaps one much better and agile than Swangz Avenue.

Bebe Cool could also prepare masterclass courses for upcoming musicians and music industry specialists. It is a question he ought to answer sooner than later, the question of life after music.

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