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Why Bebe Cool is releasing hit after hit lately



Bebe Cool

By BigEyeUg Team

Musician Bebe Cool who has been relatively quiet for the past few months suddenly woke up and started releasing brand new hit after hit.

The singer who has released Ki Ekiganye, Tata, Am Sorry and Kabulengane all in a space of a few days has left tongues wagging as to why he is doing this.

Speaking to the singer who has a concert dubbed ‘The Life Of Bebe Cool’ coming up in August, he revealed that he has been keeping his music for release at an opportune time. Bebe Cool said that he recorded some of these songs some time ago and was only waiting for the political climate to calm down so that he can be able to go back to releasing his hit songs.

On whether it is true that he released the “Am sorry” song to apologize for his participating in the Tubonga Nawe project which was hugely unpopular with a section of the masses, Bebe Cool said that he cannot apologize for enjoying his political rights.

We will keep you posted.

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