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Bebe Cool mocks Bobi Wine over GDP comments



By Staff Writer

Turns out the beef between Gagamel boss, Bebe Cool, and the Ghetto President, Bobi Wine, is far from over.

Following a highly ridiculed TV interview at NTV last night that left people on Social Media wondering whether Bobi Wine is ready to become president, Bebe Cool has jumped on board to mock Bobi.

Bebe Cool who got a clip from the show posted on his Facebook page saying that the host Patrick Kamara should have been a bit more accomodating with Bobi by asking simpler questions.

“Happy women’s day to you all but Mr Kamara you wont go to heaven because the GDP is of the OTT certainly because impunity kyaligonza economy’s freedom young people.” Bebe who has been in Rwanda at a youth conference posted.

This was followed with many comments from fans from both camps fighting.

In addition to this Andrew Mwenda came out on twitter earlier today to say that Bobi Wine did not do the interview justice.

He tweeted; “This is the real tragedy of African elites. They continually complain that the problem of Africa is bad leaders. Yet when given a chance to select leaders they choose ignorant and idiotic characters! Look at this and tell me that @HEBobiwine represents the future we want!”

We await Bobi’s response.

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