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Bebe Cool loses 5M in Real Madrid bet.



Bebe Cool1

Bebe Cool is not a lucky man when it comes to gambling. Sources reveal that Bebe Cool who is a staunch Arsenal and Real Madrid fan was reduced to cursing despite his team Real Madrid winning the UEFA champions league.

The singer reportedly staked a sum of 5 million on Real Madrid to beat Athletico Madrid within 90 minutes, something that did not come to pass.

The singer was at the start of the game assuring his colleagues that within 90 minutes he will have more than double his stake. However, after the 90 minutes the singer was seen at Simba casino cursing Real Madrid team for not having a good striking force.

The singer has since vowed not to bet until the premier league resumes so he can bet on teams that he very well knows how they play and this time with a smaller stake.

It should be remembered that Bebe Cool also lost a huge sum when he bet on Arsenal while they played Manchester United.

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