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BEBE COOL: Gravity Omutujju, King Saha and Ziza Bafana are small boys in music.




By BigEyeUg Team 

Young musicians, King Saha, Gravity Omutujju and Ziza Bafana are at war with the king of the game, Bebe Cool.

The Gagamel boss who called the trio young boys in the industry that need to respect their elders didn’t imagine that they would hit back at him.

Apparently the young musicians have formed a new group called “Omugigi Omupya” whose sole aim is to displace all the old players in the game like Bebe Cool.

Just a few weeks ago, King Saha revealed that Bebe Cool lacks respect for himself and other people. “The problem with Bebe Cool is that he does not respect himself. One doesn’t have to be old in the game to be respected. First of all, he said I am Saha, he tried to kill my brand. I sell my brand as King Saha. Would he feel nice if I called him Cool on social media? Would he?” King Saha said.

“Let him respect good work. If he sees nothing good about my work, let him not talk about me. It is very bad for such an old man to disrespect young talent. (In what seemed to be a direct message) Bebe Cool ‘we unlockinge’ (loosely translated as “let Bebe Cool unlock himself”) Yes. He’s locked in arrogance. I am no longer an upcoming artiste. Let him ask his sons if they don’t know me,” Saha added.

The trio recently released a song calling Bebe Cool Ssempala and dissing him all through the song. Ziza was however very quick to reveal that he had no plan to hurt Bebe. According to Ziza, his verse in the song Ssempala, on which he teamed with fellow fast rising Luga-flow artiste Gravity Omutujju and melody voiced singer King Saha, has nothing to do with dissing any artiste. He further says that he had no idea it was a diss song until Gagamel diehards attacked him. He insists that he respects everyone in the music industry.

Gravity also recently came out to reveal that he has no beef with Bebe Cool. “My fans someone opened up an account in my names trying to spoil mi name naye enkyo kibi mwana nze silina shide na Bebe Cool kati why should I do that? It was a fake account,” he said in a Facebook message.

Bebe insists that the three are young and naive, have not contributed anything big to the industry and should respect the older music generation. “These are small boys who need to be taught lessons about respect. We shall get a way to handle them,” he said recently.

We will keep you posted.

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