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Bebe Cool blasted by fans for calling Ugandans Ignorant



Bebe Cool in Uganda Cranes jerseyBy BigEyeUg Team

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Fans had no kind words for ‘Tubonga Nawe’ singer, Bebe Cool, after he referred to them as ignorant following the Uganda Presidential debate that took place on Friday Last week.

“Sad but true, as most people attacked me on my post when I said 30% of Ugandans understand English, everyone who attacked me just proved me right coz for sure you always need to read and understand before u comment,” Bebe Cool said in a post against the debate before negative comments poured in.

Here are some of the comments from fans blasting the singer.

“Light travels faster than sound doesn’t it? When you look at Bebe cool you assume he’s smart until he opens his mouth and you see how thick he is upstairs. You are in Ishaka asking someone about the meaning of OVERHAUL and that gives you a conclusion. Ishaka, what’s the education system like in that village? If the other candidates didn’t have the right numbers like you claim, where’s the one that had them for the last 30 years last night. You also don’t understand English along with whoever you are campaigning for. It’s a Presidential debate; meaning the incumbent leader had to be present,” said Desmond.

“I used to like this guy (Bebe Cool) but I realized that he is analytically weak, his music is good but on politics is doomed, no wonder this may mark the end of his career! How can u sell your country, can’t he even see the depleting situation of this country, I can never attend any of his concerts again, that’s why people have begun to like Bobi Wine,” said Mukungu.

“No wonder You a beneficiary of the funds that should have enabled the countrymen to learn, speak and understand English so that like in your own words we would be ready for the debate and may be your man would be able assure us of all that he has done to ensure that all Ugandans understand the discussions,” said Vivianne.

“This is a really Bebe f**l, kati that money you are getting now has shut your eyes to the extent that you can no longer see or think anymore, with the understanding and knowing of English I agree with you but telling people that you are happy because Museveni dodged the debate has proved that you are a stupid man,” said Sharma.

We will keep you posted.

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