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Bebe Cool begs for collabo with Kanye West



Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool is not one to shy away from his heart’s desires. The outspoken singer has taken to social media to express his interest in working with celebrated American rapper Kanye West. This comes after Kanye arrived into the country on Friday.

“I want to request you to feature me on your current recording of a new album,” the Facebook post reads in part. “As an African open minded artist, let me be the first one to openly make this request without any fear because it’s within alot of young people in Africa to know what they want but fear to try.”

“I will understand if it doesn’t happen but at least I did not shy away,” he adds.

Kanye who travelled in company of his wife Kim Kardashian and kids is reportedly in the country working on his next album. It is said he will be producing music and shooting some videos while in the country.  He is currently residing at  Chobe Safari lodge which is located within the Murchison Falls National Park where he’ll be staying until October 19th.

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