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BBA The Chase: Betty Could Be Jailed For 6 Years For Having Sex in BBA



bettyIt would seem that being kicked out of the Big Brother house and having to say goodbye to the man she fell in love with was only just the beginning of Betty Abera’s problems. According to online sources and local Ethiopian radio station Ethiopikalink, Betty could be facing six years in jail if the lawsuit being filed against her is successful.

During her short stint in BBA The Chase, Betty from Ethiopia and Bolt from Sierra Leone were the first couple to engage in sex in this season’s big brother show. There was massive backlash from the audience and more so the conservative Ethiopians who now saw her as a disgrace to the country.

Now back in her home country, Betty could be hit with a lawsuit for having sex in public which is against the laws of Ethiopia.

But we got to wonder, do the bright minds behind the lawsuit really have a case? Do the laws of Ethiopia extend all the way to South Africa?

And with BBA openly allowing sex in the house, does Ethiopia consider that before allowing their contestants to take part in such a ‘heathen’ show?


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