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Badgal Margla Shows Off Baby Bump



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By Edwin Junior

Motherhood is apparently the pride of every woman. Even when she may portray a bad girl image, behind that facet is an ordinary woman who melts with joy at the thought of siring their own kid. The self-styled bad gal, singer Margla just proved this after she could not contain the joy of her yet to be born baby.

Margla aka Da Raggamuffin gyal whose singing career has been impressed with more controversies than hit songs has just revealed she is pregnant. Photos of her displaying a baby bump have surfaced online.


The singer allegedly requested her friend to leak her completely unclothed photos displaying the baby bump for the whole world to see. However, the father of the unborn baby still remains a mystery, for now. If you still had any lingering doubts about her sexuality, I guess this clears the air.

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