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Bad Black stuns in a Gomesi as she gives to Buganda Kingdom



By BigEyeUg Team

Yesterday Tuesday 8th September socialite Shanitah Namuyimba aka Bad Black rocked Social Media with photos of herself smartly dressed in a ‘Gomesi’.

This scooped her attention from the public as majority kept on wondering the special function persuaded Black to dress unusually.

However, later in the day, it was established that she had actually landed an appointment at Bulange, Mengo for the ‘Luwalo’ function.

‘Luwalo’ is a famous campaign in Buganda where Baganda people around the world are invited to willingly bring their support (social and financial) to the Kingdom.

The royal ceremony was presided over by Buganda Kingdom Katikiro, Charles Peter Mayiga.

Bad Black contributed worth Shs. 200,000 on behalf of her ancestral area of Busiro Kyaggwe and Mawogola.

She was then handed a certificate of appreciation from Katikiro Mayiga.

Black also talked about her current financial crisis and promised to render more support to Buganda Kingdom in the later days.

When I get something small, I will be giving it to support Buganda Kingdom. Today I have just brought Shs.200K because am broke at the moment,” Bad Black said.

A ‘Gomesi’ or ‘Busuuti’ is a colorful floor-length dress. It is the most commonly used costume for women in Buganda and Busoga.

Watch video here;

We will keep you posted.

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