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Bad Black speaks out on 4 Day internet black out in Uganda



By Staff Writer

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Ugandans are back online after 4 days of no internet in the country. This after the internet was switched off by the Uganda Communications Commission as the country went to Presidential Polls, to avoid misinformation.

Bad Black, a city socialite who spends a lot of time on the internet to connect with her fans revealed that this has been a bad time for her as has been for many other Ugandans.

According to Black, the 4 day blackout reminded her of her prison days. In prison where she was arrested for fraud, the socialite had nothing to connect her to the outside world.

She said: ‘Four days without internet has reminded me of my prison days when I had no radio, no tv, no phone but only prisoners to talk to.’

‘Regardless of all this, we were happy and that is all that matters.’ she added.

Well, Uganda, welcome back. It has been some blackout.

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