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Bad Black questions Sheila Gashumba’s ‘Influential roles’



By BigEyeUg Team

We are most likely to have a taste of a fresh and fatty social media battle that the country has not experience in 2020.

This is between two of the most followed Ugandan celebrities on social media Sheila Gashumba and Bad Black.

The verbal war escalates following Bad Black demeaning Sheila’s renowned work of products and brand influencing.

Taking it to her Snap Chat, the proud sexual worker questioned Sheila job that has uplifted her career for many years now.

Bad Black proved confused about Sheila’s highly exalted influential responsibilities given the fact of her personal weakness like; dropping out of school, aborting, dating crooks, dressing in skimpy clothes, social battling everyone, abusing former employers, and backstabbing friends.

Who does Sheila Gashumba Influence? Simububi. She influences them to do What? Drop out of school? Abort, date crooks, dress skimpy, social climb everyone? Abuse former employers? Backstab friends, WHAT AND WHO DOES SHE INFLUENCE?” Bad Black wrote.

Bad Black defended herself of her popularized work of influencing single mothers, prostitutes and Uganda government.

Atleast Bad Black influences single Moms, Ex-convicts, prostitutes, even government if Uganda emumanyi,” she added.

This comes in a few weeks after Sheila Gashumba landing another multi-million deal with YoKuku Uganda, a company dealing in tastiest and most affordable brand of fresh and frozen chicken.

However, Sheila Gashumba has still reluctant to responding to Sheila’s provocative states unlike her previous social media wars.

We will keep you posted

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