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BAD BLACK: Lydia Jazmine is the worst friend Spice Diana can have

Lydia Jazmine’s feet make her look like a witch. – Bad Black



By Staff Writer

If you follow the queen of Snapchat in Uganda, you know that Bad Black real names Shanita Namuyimba, is controversial and does hold back when talking about the most sensitive of issues.

Just weeks after she announced that she had a relationship with Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool where she went ahead to say that the singer has a very small d*ck, the socialite has hit back this time at another artiste.

According to Black who saw pictures of Lydia Jazmine and Spice Diana on the internet last weekend, the two shouldn’t be friends. The two stars who had a show in Mbarara together, were seen posing on the highway as they set off from Kampala to Mbarara. In the photo, Lydia’s feet looked pale and unappeeling.

Black explained that Jazmine is bad influence on Spice since she has very ugly feet that will kill Spice’s opportunities.

Black said; “Did you see Lydia Jazmine’s feet? She is like a witch. If you meet her please tell her to go work on her feet. She needs to get artificial nails. I tell people off and you say I have a big mouth. If she is ugly let her move with people who are ugly. Spice Diana should stop moving with her, she is draining her energy. Men are going to shun you Spice because of that lady that you are moving with.”

Although Spice and Lydia remain silent about the issue, fans are going bonkers online with some siding with Black while others are all against what she said.

We will keep you posted.

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