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Bad Black is here to learn English – Victoria University



By Reporter

While addressing the media, the vice-chancellor of Victoria University, Dr Lawrence Muganga, said Bad Black is pursuing Digital Marketing and English lessons not a brand ambassador.

He said the university is helping her to realise her dream of becoming a digital marketer and English guru.

Ms Shanitah has a goal of becoming a fluent English speaker and Digital marketing guru and that’s how Victoria University comes to help her, the courses she is to take are to improve and make her a better person in the English language and Digital marketing,” He said.

Bad Black through her social media platforms also shared the contract and captioned, “I can’t explain but coming live to address n English as I am the official brand ambassador of Victoria university, I am so happy for my children getting a bursary for international schools,” Bad Black posted.

She further stated, “Yes small books Vs big books, how come your big books didn’t land you on such a gig from today.

Celebrated News anchor Samson kasumba commenting on the same said without much effort Bad Black had finished her task of Promoting Victoria University.

Without much effort Bad Black has just finished her task of promoting Victoria University. She has passed the test with flying colours. Give me a name of someone else who would have done this, and given the University this talk ability in terms of real numbers on day one. Just 1,” he said.

He added, “You can go anywhere you want, give all sorts of reasons why you think that you are better than her, list the good things you do that she does not, or the bad things she does you don’t, one fact remains: none of is is righteous before God. That is the end of the story Amen.”

However the University says, there job is to transform and rehabilitate those that desperately need to become better people saying Bad Black is a better example of such people that need urgent help to transform themselves.

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