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Bad Black 1

By Stuart G-khast

Just like we said earlier today, Bad Black just can’t stop making headlines. After revealing that the former money bag could be pregnant, reliable sources have also revealed they could have a clue about who the man responsible could be.

Months after Bad Black was granted bail to go to India, to treat her then sagging breasts, she got her self a man she says she loves so much.

In one of her recent facebook updates she said, “We found luv. I was born on 5/7/1989 ma partner on 5/1/1989 dat was Thursday and me Wednesday i hope dis time God answered ma prayers by blessing mi de man who hold ma second ♥♥♥ i feel like a real woman. ..”

She went ahead and posted “SHANITAH found freedom, peace, Love, new friends and final destination. But I keep asking myself why I dint get that in my homeland…I EVEN LEANED DAT SOME TIMES PEOPLE NEED TRAVEL TO EXPERIENCE GOOD FUTURE SO I WILL NEVER REGRET ANYTHING. ….I LOVE YOU DAVID G…….FOREVER.”

It should be remembered that Bad Black has previously dated Meddie Ssentongo, David Greenhalgh and others. Bad black was convicted in July 2012 for stealing David Greenhalgh’s money, amounting to over sh11b, which was meant for investment in Uganda under the company called Daveshan Development (U) Ltd.

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